For the Love of the Game -- Part II: Lost love and the parents' role

You'd be surprised how often academics are talked about, especially when it comes to one kid getting an offer for a scholarship. I have heard some parents who are upset that their kid did not receive similar awards, scholarships, etc. They often resort to putting down the other kid in not so favorable terms insinuating that he or she is undeserving.

It is important for parents to remember all the players are kids, and they should be having fun. They should have supportive parents, not those people who border on being fanatical.

I was in the stands the other day watching a football game, just listening to the parents around me. I had to smile to myself to stop from really bursting out loud with laughter. But when I really thought about what was being said, it wasn't funny.

One parent was asking another parent whether it would benefit her son for a scholarship if he played on the varsity now. I guess her son was either a freshman or sophomore. Wow, that's really thinking ahead. I looked up at where she said he son was standing and I thought to myself, "I hope he gets off the field tonight without injuries." He was so small.

After the game, I didn't remember hearing many parents ask the most important question, "Did you have fun?" Some immediately began their post-game review by complaining about one thing or another. What does that say to that athlete?

I love the parents that don't try to live through their children. I really love parents whose kids come to play and practice as hard as the so-called "stars" " the parents who are just happy to see their kids having a good time. After the game, they'll ask if their kids had fun and then tell them how well they did without comparing them to someone else's kid. While they want them to work hard and do well, their expectations are reasonable. They don't pressure on the kids, themselves or the coach.

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