Bethlehem teen drinking spots move once targeted

There's a spot off of Forsten Drive and Hasgate Drive in the Haswell Farms development that you can hike to, but even if you don't know about it, you're teenaged son or daughter might.

Most likely they won't tell you about it either.

Underneath National Grid power lines lies a dirt trail that heads up a steep hill a little less than a quarter mile. At the top of this hill is a place that most every parent wishes wasn't there.

Hundreds of assorted beer cans lay strewn about, along with a variety of colorful plastic cups and the occasional ping-pong ball. All of the trash is heaped around two fireplaces covered in burned cans, cups, cigarettes, trash and even half-melted patio furniture.

One can follow the beer cans and broken glass that line the path to and from the area, as well as wrappers, containers and other trash.

According to Bethlehem police, the party spot is just one of several throughout town.

We do periodically check these know party spots. There's several different known locations, said Lt. Thomas Heffernan. "This isn't a problem just in central Delmar, we have it in Glenmont, Slingerlands, Selkirk and Feura Bush. We cover 52 square miles."

Heffernan said the department attempts to target specific known spots but that it generally leads to the creation of other party spots in the town. And when the police do come across an underage drinking party in progress, Heffernan said, "When they see officers coming in, the kids run."

"Quite honestly, it seems when we target these areas it seems to move from one place to the next and then to the next," he said. "As the geography changes and developments change, the places tend to change, too. Yeah, we're making a difference because we are breaking up the parties we find, but we encourage people to call."

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