Assembly passes 'circuit breaker' cap

Republican candidates Steve McLaughlin and John Wasielewski, who are challenging Gordon and Reilly in the 108th and 109th districts, respectively, have criticized the assemblymen for not supporting what they say is a better option for reducing taxes.

"With the circuit breaker, spending continues to go unchecked," said McLaughlin. "Every year the taxes are going to go up and up for everybody. They'll give you a little bit back, but they keep on taking too much."

"It just shifts the burden to the other taxpayers," said Wasielewski of the circuit breaker. "I think [the cap] should be 2 percent. I would even support a moratorium for a year or two."

Educators are naturally keeping a close eye on how the Legislature acts. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) organization, with 600,000 members statewide, has run down the list of senators voting for Paterson's tax cap and removed any endorsements from supporters. They are adjusting their support for assemblymen, as well.

"We are certainly pleased with the steps the Assembly took," said NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi. "It's now time for the governor to bring the two leaders together and provide something that provides real relief."

With the two different approaches to the property tax issue on the table, there won't be any changes immediately.

"What we have to do now is negotiate an agreement between the two positions, and I think that's what will happen in the coming months," said Reilly, adding he expects the issue to reemerge in November or December.""

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