Dems hold final debate for 21st District in Bethlehem

All the candidates got a chance to defend themselves, even for comments during closing statements, as when Steck said Brooks was working for a lobbying firm and Brooks rebutted that she was a lawyer working for a law firm, not a lobbying firm.

The biggest reaction from the crowd came when Brooks asked Steck during her question period if he would still support her as a Democrat if she won the primary and would he work together with the Democratic Party to put her in office and defeat the Republican Challenger for the congressional seat.

Steck's response sent a flurry of murmurs and a slew of "ews" and "ahs" around the room.

"Well unlike my colleague over here who spent her early years in the Republican Party and then in the Independence Party, I've been a life-long Democrat," Steck said. "I've been a Democratic chairman, I have worked hard to support the candidates in the Democratic Party, and there's no reason to assume that this election would be any different."

Aside from a few occasional differences, the Democrats agreed with each other on many of the issues to the point where several jokes were made throughout the night about the similar answers between the candidates.

Bruce Bushart representing Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace and Kate Powers representing Democracy for the Hudson Mohawk Region co-chaired the event.

For a more in-depth analysis of the debate, check for updates on www.spotlightnews.com or read the Wednesday, Aug. 27 print edition of The Spotlight.


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