Voorheesville superintendent search under way

She added that the town is small, and vocal, and the superintendent will need to be able to handle the community's needs, much like Langevin was able to do.

BOCES and the Board of Education are planning to put an information brochure together and will start advertising the position.

Voorheesville Board of Education Chairman David Gibson said the search for a new superintendent is a great opportunity to improve upon the entirety of the school district.

"We're really excited about the idea of where the school district is now and the opportunity for building continual improvement for what how we teach children," he said.

"We need someone who cares about teaching and cares about kids."

Gibson said there is certainly no requirement that the candidate come from within the district, and having someone in-house who knows the community is only one piece to a larger puzzle.

He added that the candidate should be someone who understands how to use testing not as a bullying tool, but to legitimately improve the education of the students.

Dedrick said they going to leave a window of a few months to accept applications and are planning to interview applicants by October.

Most of the advertising will be done in specialized publications directed toward school administrators, and those publications, Dedrick said, usually come out monthly. He said he wants to make sure there is ample time for potential applicants to learn about the opening.

Gibson said that they are specifically taking a deliberate approach and not selecting a candidate until July in order to vet the best candidates, and also so that they do not put themselves in a position to ask someone to leave their previous posts on such short notice.

Gibson said those candidates would automatically show a lack of commitment.

BOCES and the board are planning to hold public forums to get input from teachers, administrators, staff, parents and members of the community.

They are expecting to fill the position by July 1.""

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