When it comes to storm drainage, there is strength in numbers

She also assured the board that the high population of an area does not always yield more expenses, and that Albany does not take more than its fair share of the funding.

The coalition recently received $358,000 from two separate grants to deal with the costs associated with storm water management.

Heinzen said the coalition uses its funding to deal with public educational materials and outreach as well research to learn about storm water and associated pollution.

A McKownville house, located on the edge of Guilderland near the City of Albany, recently suffered severe storm water damage that caused their basement wall to cave in, something Don Reeb, the president of the McKownville Improvement Association said is a rarity, but one example of the way storm water can cause problems.

Reeb added that joining the coalition is a cost-effective and prudent decision and can help prevent future problems.

"The money spent on storm water will now be used more effectively," Reeb said.

He said the four different systems in the area will now be coordinated and managed, and this will save time and money for residents.

He also said storm water management is a common problem in Guilderland as well as the rest of the county and places like The University of Albany, which recently revamped its storm water system, and Stuyvesant Plaza, have been dealing with the problem for years.

Runion said, though, joining the coalition was not a result of the specific incident in McKownville.

"We would be required to do it anyway," Runion said. "The town, four years ago, was put under an unfunded mandate, for storm water management."

The intermunicipal agreement will be for four years, and Guilderland would have the option to pull out at any time, although they risk losing a portion of the funds they would contribute to the coalition.

The regulation and membership fee is based on how urbanized the area is and its population. The annual fee for Guilderland is set at $14,582.

The board decided to appoint Runion as its representative on the coalitions board of directors.

It is made up of 12 municipalities including Albany City, Cohoes, Watervliet, Bethlehem, the town and village of Colonie, New Scotland, the village of Green Island, Menands, Voorheesville, Albany County, and now, Guilderland. ""

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