New Scotland town board hears growth reports

Bob Prentiss, a Voorheesville resident, former state Assemblyman and member of the NS4SED spoke in support of a size cap for retail buildings.

"We want sound economic development, but not unbridled development." Prentiss said.

The Commercial Zone Advisory Committee, charged with drafting new legislation for the town's zoning laws, recently lost some of its members to resignations amid a potential conflict-of-interest controversy surrounding its member and co-chair Liz Kormos.

The town formally decided not to pursue any legal action against Kormos on Wednesday, Nov. 12, and she has not been sanctioned in any way for any violation of the town's ethics code.

Kormos and Michael Naughton, the two original CZAC members who did not resign after the controversy, released a report on Monday, Dec. 8, to the New Scotland Town Board recommending a 50,000-square-foot size cap on retail buildings, a figure supported by NS4SED, a group of which Kormos is also a member.

"Since it is unclear whether the Town Board will replace the three members of CZAC that resigned and allow CZAC to complete its charge; Michael Naughton and I felt it was important that the Town Board see the analytical data that clearly shows that the proposed 100,000-square- foot retail building and a 350,000-square-foot shopping center is neither economically viable nor sustainable," said Kormos.

Kormos' study suggested that the largest size big-box retail store that could be supported in New Scotland is 36,000-square-feet, based on a "community draw,"10-minute drive. The report stated that 18,000 new homes would be needed to support a 100,000-square-foot retail store, and a "regional" draw would not be supported because there are too many other regionally drawing stores within a 15-minute driving distance with access to major arterial or interstate roadways.

The report also said that 16,000 to 46,000 square feet of grocery store space could be supported.

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