A safe way to kick the stress

The person being arrested began to struggle and the police officer was having trouble keeping the individual still long enough to make the arrest.

Condon's student was able to channel some of the skills he had learned in Jiu Jitsu and restrain the person long enough for the officer to complete the arrest.

In situations like this, Condon said, the skills the student used to restrain the person being arrested were beneficial to everyone involved as the officer was able to make the arrest without being forced to resort to more painful mechanisms, such as use of a Taser gun.

"It allows them to control the person and get them under control without having to resort to this," he said.

Condon said that students who train in martial arts have a completely different mindset as well.

"A lot of it is just the awareness, and a lot of self confidence you get from training in martial arts," said Eric Sperber, a Colonie EMT and a student at Empire.

Sperber said after training in martial arts, he was not only able to bring more skills to his own job but assist police at times when they were without backup and both had responded to a scene.

Sperber was so satisfied with how martial arts affected his job, he recruited two more Colonie EMTs to train at Empire.

"We have between 36 and 40 that are in health care," Condon said of his students. "We have a couple Colonie police officers, we have some New York state troopers, and we have some Schenectady police officers."

To contact Condon about classes, call 456-2582 or go online to www.empirekarate.com.""

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