Ethics talks flare up

Peter Klotz explained his position on not excusing himself from the vote.

"Although I am married to one of the eight residents who signed this complaint, the matter could have come forward without (Ann's) signature," said Peter Klotz. "The letter of interpretation from Kupferman is not a final resolution."

Nolen asked if Sausville's computer hard drive could be copied at this time to determine if it was used to create his letter endorsing Thomas.

"I don't think this is enforceable by this board, but the ethics committee will do what's appropriate in their investigation," said Peterson.

Sausville fires back

In yet another surprise move, Sausville late Monday night, when many audience members had gone home, read a prepared statement alleging misconduct by other town board members in their alleged endorsements for Peter Klotz in his campaign for a council seat.

"I have the right to bring this up," said Sausville. "There were endorsements made by Cliff Lange, Sue Nolen and Gerry Winters for Donna Gizzi and Pastor Klotz. I wonder why I was singled out on this matter, when in fact the entire town board did this. This is a violation of the employee's manual that wasn't even expected to apply to elected officials."

Cliff Lange and Donna Gizzi are no longer members of the town board.

Thomas made a motion to send Sausville's complaint to the ethics committee, a motion she later rescinded when shouting broke out and audience members began to yell from their seats.

There was no resolution of Sausville's complaint Monday night, with Thomas' motion rescinded and other board members refusing to acknowledge the matter.

The town board is due to meet again Thursday, Feb. 7, at 6:00 p.m. for a workshop review on proposed changes to the ethics law.""

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