Saratoga Springs' financial report raises concerns

Some, mostly Democrats have been opposed to going back.

Since 2003, the first full year Saratoga Springs opted out of the county sales tax agreement, the city's sales tax revenue has increased more than 30 percent, an annual average of 7.67 percent, said Lew Benton administrator of Parks, Open Lands and Historic Preservation in an e-mailed statement. Benton was appointed to the position by former Mayor Valerie Keehn.

"The report [State of the City Finances], if nothing else, highlights that we need to be conservative in our spending. We need to start putting things in place, and we have to set forth a long-term plan," Johnson said.

Johnson said the city can't keep raising taxes, like it did last year by 8.7 percent. It wasn't a city record high, but was still substantial, he said.

Johnson said that to get the city on the financial straight and narrow would take longer than two terms in office.

Ivins' report wasn't designed to stir up panic, Johnson said, only to drive home the fact, and one that Accounts Department Commissioner John Franck agreed with, that the city would need to pinch pennies in order to keep taxes to a minimum and allow a fund balance to gestate.""

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