Gillibrand speaks at Wesley

She said the next step in energy policy is for the president to announce that we will be energy independent within 10 years.

"Just like John F. Kennedy said when he was in office that we would put a man on the moon in 10 years, and then we did it," Gillibrand said. "Energy independence within the next 10 years has to be a goal and a source of pride."

The crowd at Wesley was particularly receptive to Gillibrand's views on health care. She said she is pushing for Internet-based technology to be used for medical records keeping, citing most medical costs are generated due to record-keeping-related mistakes such as mistaken prescriptions and repeated procedures.

"All of these mistakes would be eradicated if you had online records," she said.

When a resident of the facility asked why there was a shortage of nurses aides, Gillibrand said medical costs are very tight and Medicare reimbursement rates are very low.

Gilibrand also said that Americans need to strongly encourage public service professions for our youngsters.

"We don't have a consciousness of service in our young folks," she said. "The more we can encourage that service, the better we'll be as a nation."


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