Super calls for citizen panel

March also said he wouldn't rule out the possibility that the board deserves a raise. He said the procedural aspects of the recently proposed raises upset him.

"The raises were brought up after the November elections and the public hearing on the issue was held on a holiday," said March. He said that both of these occurrences may have limited the input of the public on the issue.

He also said that a 50 percent salary increase at one time was too much, but that after a proper period of research and community involvement, a more reasonable increase might be determined.

Councilman Joe Signore, who was a strong proponent of the raises, agreed with March that more public involvement on the issue would be in the town's best interest.

"This committee would put away any doubts that things were being done behind the scenes," said Signore. "The salaries of all town appointees and employees, not just the board, can be discussed in public and we can get more input."

Signore went on to say that he hopes the proposed committee would find that a raise for the board would be good for both Republicans and Democrats, as it would attract high-quality candidates.

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Electronic signs discussed

The board also discussed the possibility of amending a local law that would allow flashing signs for public schools and public firehouses.

Tommasone said that the scrolling electronic signs in front of these public buildings provide vital information to town residents.

"These signs could be of use during times of emergency if the town needed to get the word out on something quickly," said Tommasone.

The sign outside of Mohonasen High School also provides information about upcoming school events including statewide tests and school plays.

If the resolution passes, the new law would make an exception for schools and firehouses, but would disallow private businesses or residents from displaying signs with flashing, intermittent, rotating or moving light or lights.""

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