Guilderland school board upholds teacher transfer

Weisz voted not to overturn the transfer.

"These reassignments are joined with expanding teacher training and adopting other recommendations in Dr. Paludi's report. Not all of these changes were intended or need to be permanent," Weisz said.

He also pointed out that this is not a disciplinary action.

Weisz also made it a point to note that the issue at hand was never the teacher-student interactions, but the teacher-teacher relationships.

"At issue was behavior among adults," he said.

He noted the decision not to succumb to a large, vocal, group is something he hopes community members realize is an attribute, and said he does not want to be reelected if the system calls for the board to, "melt like butter under the heat of public opinion."

The board was allowed to comment before casting a vote to overturn the superintendent's decision.

Board member Denise Eisele said she was happy to see so many students showing an interest in the matter, however, she was unhappy with the way they went about voicing their opinions.

"What I did not like was the lack of respect for other teachers in the high school. The lack of respect for others' opinions," Eisele said.

Gloria Towle-Hilt defended the board's initial decision not to let the matter be discussed in public. She also pointed out that the board did entertain opinions of the matter in a "respectful atmosphere," in executive session.

John P. Dornbush, said the board's decision to keep the discussion limited to executive session was a matter of protecting those who could not comfortably speak about supporting the transfer of the teachers.

"Only in executive session would someone have felt safe to make comments [supporting the transfer]," said Dornbush.

He said he was elected to make tough decisions, and to do so without always disclosing all of the facts to the public, often making the board seem unfair.

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