Ballston library looks to the future

The committee used the SWOT management tool to identify areas of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to help them put together their goals. There was also a survey about the library circulated in the spring, according to Library Director Karen DeAngelo.

"One of the biggest complaints people have is the noise," said DeAngelo. "It's the way the library is constructed it makes it very difficult to keep it really quiet in the library."

She said the library will be considering ways to dampen the noise. Also in regard to the facility itself, the library will be asking NYSERDA to visit and recommend ways to make the building more energy efficient. "People wanted us to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible," said DeAngelo.

The committee will also acknowledge that the library must make maximum use of its facilities.

"We're looking at some of the problems that are going to be created as the population keeps increasing," said Schottman. "The problem is that our library is on a small piece of land and there isn't much of a possibility of expanding, so we have to be pretty creative with how we use our space."

Though circulation has leveled off recently, DeAngelo said she expects it will pick up due to a flagging economy.

The library will also try to reach out to the community even more. According to Schottman, the young and the old could benefit much more from the library than they currently are. He mentioned the work of the youth librarian as a step in the right direction, and said special theme nights for teenagers should be continued and expanded.

For the elderly, the possibility of a traveling library " perhaps using a bus from Community Human Services " was discussed.

Schottman said that it is unlikely any of the long-range goals will put a financial strain on the library. No new positions are being suggested, and it is hoped that new services can be provided within budget.

"We are fortunate in that we get gifts to the library, and lots of times those are earmarked for programming," said Schottman.

Brower tentatively estimated that the report would be ready by October. DeAngelo, who moved up to the director's chair just last November, said she is enthusiastic for the future.

"I'm really looking forward to the next three years," she said.""

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