Bethlehem noise law support loud and clear

Answering her concerns, Messina assured her that "nothing we can do will make a noise-free Bethlehem, nor is that our intention."

Beverly Goodfellow said she favors a noise ordinance because people "need to be considerate," and she cited a recent complaint she made with the town over a loud ice cream truck.

"I've gone out and gotten ice cream for my kids when they were young, but it doesn't have to be at that level," Goodfellow said. "I just feel like my space was being invaded. If you're traveling around, you don't need it to be that loud because the blocks are so small."

Goodfellow told the task force that she understands people have a right to do business, but that she heard the ice cream truck from five blocks away, and with a noise ordinance in place, the sound level could have been measured.

During the May meeting nearly all of the residents spoke in favor of the noise law and some cited severe cases of "noise harassment," that left them will no alternative but to call the police.

Messina reminded the attendees that the noise law recommendation was only the first step in a long and involved process and that everyone who wants to speak on the issue will be given ample opportunity to do so.

"All we're doing at this stage is saying to the town board that we have enough information, enough basis, to pretty clearly recommend that there really is no logical choice but to draft an ordinance," Messina said at the meeting. "All of the public testimony that we received in our public meeting, save for one or two comments, were supportive of the noise ordinance, and the one or two comments out of roughly 16 were not even negative, they were more for clarification."

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