Comments loud and clear at Clifton Park cell tower meeting

Vics urged the council to consider those who rely on cell phones as their only means of communications.

The town decided in spring to revamp the telecommunications law to strike a balance between providing adequate service and a nice atmosphere to live.

"The demands continue, and we're seeing much more pressure, I think even then in past years, when it comes to the placing of telecommunication equipment in town, we already have a pretty fair number of towers whether they be co-locations or separate towers, but obviously the demand is there for more," said Barrett before opening the public hearing.

According to Barrett, companies have quite a bit of leeway in locating towers. He said they must only prove that there is a need for cell service in a particular area.

Other pieces of the proposed legislation require cell companies to disclose their future plans for Clifton Park. The proposed legislation says companies must map their plans for two years out, however, McCarthy said, they are looking to lower this time to accommodate companies. He said the council received letters from a few companies addressing the proposed legislation.

The proposed regulations also allow the town to enforce and monitor the sound coming from new towers and the aesthetics of the new tower.

Proposed regulations require any new towers to blend in with its natural surroundings.

The legislation would provide consistency among the boards reviewing telecommunications applications.

Telecommunications applications can come before the Town Council, Planning Board or Zoning Board, according to McCarthy.

A few residents said they were unable to access the 20-page document online.

The town said they would look into the matter and written comments about the proposed legislation.

Copies of the proposed law are available at the Town Clerk's office and online at cliftonpark.org.""

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