Stipend confusion leads to finger pointing in Guilderland

An ongoing political skirmish between Guilderland Town Board members has yielded fresh banter over another controversial issue.

Confusion over the stipend for the chairman of the economic development council, a position formerly held by Donald Csaposs, has led to accusations between opposing party members on the Town Board.

Csaposs is a provisionally appointed grant writer for Guilderland and formerly held a position as economic development council chairman, which he resigned from on April 29.

Republican Councilman Mark Grimm said there is confusion over how much the stipend the replacement for Csaposs will make as chair of the council. Grimm said there is also confusion about how much Csaposs is making now that he is solely a grant writer.

Csaposs and Grimm have a history of bad blood. Ted Danz, chairmen of the Guilderland Republicans accused Csaposs of posting on a local online blog while on town time during the last Town Board elections.

The posts allegedly bashed the two Republican candidates running for the board, Warren Redlich and Mark Grimm.

Grimm said he is critical of Albany County District Attorney David Soares for not actively pursuing the matter.

It's an easy investigation for Soares, Grimm said. "Politics are what they are."

Grimm is also critical of town Supervisor Ken Runion for not investigating Csaposs' blogging as he said he would.

Runion said Town Attorney Richard Sherwood is looking into the matter and has not reported any foul play.

Soares office has not returned calls regarding the investigation.

"Mr. Grimm has a personal vendetta against Mr. Csaposs," said Runion. "He has no positive comments. No suggestions. Just attack, attack, attack."

Csaposs' was appointed as a provisional, or temporary, grant writer by Runion after he resigned as economic development council chairman. Grimm charges that he was not informed when Csaposs was made a provisional employee.

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