Stipend confusion leads to finger pointing in Guilderland

"They revised [Csaposs'] job description without telling me," Grimm said. "They made a provisional appointment without telling me."

Grimm said this was a move to try to maneuver the political system.

"He's been [the Democrats'] attack dog, and that's why he's on the payroll," Grimm said. "He is their chief political operative."

Runion countered that the nature of the reappointment and statutory regulations regarding informing the board of decisions such as this one, did not require him to inform Grimm.

Runion said Csaposs was a reclassification and has been an employee of the town for many years.

A 5-to-0 vote from the board on Jan. 3, confirmed Runion's authority to make provisional appointments, according to the meetings minutes.

Grimm said he was ill informed, not just about how much the replacement would make, but about how much Csaposs is making now, in addition to how much he was making while he served as chairman.

A June 3 memo from Stacia Brigadier, personnel administrator for Guilderland, said Csaposs' annual salary dropped from $55,149 to $50,992 as a result of his resignation, a difference of $4,157.

Csaposs confirmed his annual salary since leaving his position as economic council chair is $50,992.

"I never got a check that broke that stipend out. I just received one check," Csaposs said. "My belief is that the $4,100 figure [for council chair] is correct. I have no idea the genesis for a lower number or higher number."

Csaposs' stipend was $3,000 on January 1, 2001. He said he received a 3 percent raise every year since then, except for 2005, when he received a 4 percent raise.

Grimm said there is still a discrepancy.

He said an Albany County roster card states the provisional appointment of Csaposs as solely a grant writer began on April 23. His salary on that date was $55,149, according to the document. Csaposs was still chair of the economic development committee at that point, but Grimm said the Albany county record should reflect his decreased salary as of April 23.

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