Stipend confusion leads to finger pointing in Guilderland

"The records should be updated and they weren't," Grimm said.

He said that the June 3 memo from Brigadier lists Csaposs salary as $50,992, and the roster card should have reflected that number.

"Those two documents are contradictory," he said.

A Freedom of Information Law Request has been made by Spotlight Newspapers to Albany County and the Town of Guilderland to determine the recorded salary of Csaposs.

Grimm also said Runion inconsistently described the economic development council chair's stipend over the course of a few days in the end of June, leading to the confusion now.

Runion was quoted in a local publication on Thursday, June 26, that the stipend would be roughly $3,600.

Grimm said that Runion e-mailed him on June 26 and said the pay would be $4,572, the same stipend for a planning or zoning board supervisor.

The Guilderland Web site has the stipend listed as $4,157.

Runion said there was a reason for the confusion.

"We don't always start people in positions at the same rate of pay. We would pay anywhere up to $4,157 because that's what I had budgeted," Runion said.

The stipend is going to be between $3,600 and $4,157, Runion said on Friday, July 18.

He said he also considered $4,572 as a salary because that is what a zoning or planning board chairman gets. The advertised stipend is up listed as up to $4,157, Runion said, but the post does not guarantee that as a starting pay. It lists the stipend as "up to," that amount.

It was "brainstorming," he said, of why there were so many different figures.

Right now the economic development council is operating without a replacement for Csaposs.

Runion said the board is trying to come up with a fair starting salary and will hopefully have a new chair by the end of August.

Friday, July 25, is the cutoff date for accepting resumes to the board. ""

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