AMD, Malta hammer out details

It was also decided that AMD will operate within ISO 14001 environmental standards.

AMD's Director of Global Environment, Health and Safety Steve Groseclose said Malta's proposed reporting requirements would hinder the company without adding significant safeguards.

"I have limited staff resources and I'd like to use them on continual improvement rather than filling out reports," he said.

Town officials agreed that ISO standards would be sufficient, and would also be updated over time without the need for the town to revise the planned development district document.

The town will be able to revisit and rewrite the legislation should circumstances change.

AMD has proposed construction of a $3.2 billion microchip fabrication facility at the Luther Forest tech park. If completed, the project promises to bring 1,465 jobs to the area and " many have said " spur growth by attracting more businesses and people.

The company has until July 2009 to commit to building at the tech park.

The board is set to vote on acceptance of the supplemental environmental impact statement at its Monday, Aug. 4 meeting. A public hearing on the legislation is set for Monday, Aug. 25.

AMD CEO Hector Ruiz has stepped down from his post, assuming the duties of the company's executive chairman. Ruiz has worked with the project since its inception, recently holding meetings with leaders like Sen. Hilary Clinton, Gov. David Paterson, recently retired Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and his successor, Dean Skelos.

Ruiz will be replaced by Dirk Meyer, who AMD says has been preparing for the job for years. The speculation thus far has been that Ruiz will now be better positioned to guide the company's "asset smart" strategy " designed to maximize profits " of which the plant at Luther Forest would be a component.

AMD posted losses of $1.19 billion last quarter.""

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