Facilities director returns to work

One employee who spoke was Doug Williams, a maintenance man in the district, who had described a scene where Bonk had threatened him in a parking lot. That night, Williams said, Bonk had screamed several "f-adjectives" at him.

Since then, employees of the district have been waiting for Bonk's return and waiting to see change.

Attempts to reach Bonk for comment were unsuccessful.

When asked, on the day of Bonk's return, about the sentiments of other employees in the district, Weismann said, "Well, I'd like to think [that] all is good in the world, and at some point in time, kind of, maybe, that leopards change their spots."

Another key element in the saga of Bonk's investigation and return has been CSEA Capital Region, the labor union that protects non-instructional employees.

Speaking on behalf of the CSEA, Communications Associate Therese Assalian said that union representatives had met with Patricia Nugent, the district's human resources director, and shared concerns about Bonk's return.

"She listened to what we had to say and included us in subsequent communications regarding details of Mr. Bonk's return, including a staff meeting this morning that our Unit President Deborah Villa attended," she said.

Assalian also said that the union is "optimistic," specifically when it comes to addressing any issues or concerns that the staff may have moving forward.

Another individual in the district hoping to move forward is Ehrenberg.

"It was a smooth re-entry today, with all of the parties expressing a willingness to work together," she said.

Ehrenberg emphasized that she was "really proud of our employees and how everyone handled the situation."

She said that she wanted to thank everyone who has contributed in the effort to move forward.""

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