Siena neighbors address off-campus parking

While Conigliaro said he had never parked on Campus View Drive when he was unable to find parking on the Siena campus, Blake Kush, a current student who commutes to classes, has.

According to Kush, the college has strict rules against non-Siena students and freshman parking on campus, and some students would rather park somewhere off campus than deal with campus security. Kush also said people who might be drinking underage also could avoid facing security by simply parking somewhere else.

But Kush said he thinks the parking situation is "OK" and that he usually doesn't have a hard time.

"I get the impression that Siena's trying a trial and error with parking right now," said Kush, explaining that, in his opinion, the reason students may be parking on Campus View may be that they are talking with the college to establish new parking rules.

But according to Dave Smith, vice president for external affairs at Siena College, the rules have always been, simply, that freshman are not permitted to park on campus, and that he believes the individuals parking on Campus View Drive are freshman who cannot get parking permits on campus.

Smith said that members of the freshman class are not issued parking permits, "unless they go through public safety and get approval," which they can most likely receive if they are working 15 to 20 hours per week or have a medical reason for parking on campus, he said.

Smith said that the college has been made aware of the parking situation on Campus View Drive and that they are trying to work with the students to comply with the neighbors' requests.

"We sent a notice to all of our students letting them know that there were some calls from neighbors that students were parking on lawns," said Smith, who also said that other officials at the college have been in contact with Colonie Town Supervisor Paula Mahan.

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