Bethlehem town board hears noise law plans

Many other residents told stories of varying degrees of noise problem and all said they wanted a town law to able to take action.

There were some dissenting comments, however, saying the town should air on the side of caution and to make sure people's rights were protected.

Messina told residents that sound equipment would be used and that police and code enforcement officers were already responding to noise calls but had no way to quantitatively measure the offensive noises.

Linda Jasinski, who lives in more rural southern Bethlehem, said she was against the noise law, or at the very least it should be tied to zoning where there is a more dense population density.

"I don't think we need a noise ordinance where we are, but I won't speak for the town," Jasinski said, pointing out that most of those in favor were from Delmar, Slingerlands and Glenmont. "We live differently. We live a rural lifestyle."

She said, for example, someone who works long hours and had to start working on his or her roof early in the morning before the rain started shouldn't be punished or fined.

"You know, the birds at 4 o'clock in the morning bothers me," Jasinski said. "But I can't stop that."

Task force members told residents that clear exemptions to the sound ordinance would be included as the policy takes shape.""

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