Les Loomis marks last day

"I have to admit I'm a little disappointed because after I heard 'vignette,' I thought we were doing wine sampling," Rounds joked after seeing the montage. "And after seeing the photos of a shirtless Les, I was praying to God that we were doing shots of everything the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has banned for the last five years."

The man replacing Loomis as the district's superintendent, Michael Tebbano, also spoke during the event, joking that "As the president of the assistant superintendents that have worked with you over the years we have a lot of stories to tell about you, but not while you're here."

"You are the dynamic manager, that inspiring leader, you started an entire movement of continuous improvement," Tebbano said. "You have moved the district forward to be better, to develop stronger, and taught us to confront our future head-on in a collaborative way."

Lynne L. Lenhardt, a Bethlehem board of education member since 1988, was very instrumental in arranging and putting together Loomis's party. After recognizing some of the original board members who voted to hire Loomis, she thanked the countless people in attendance.

"I want thank everyone for all of these kind words thanks to all of you for attending," Lenhardt said. "This is wonderful. Certainly Les really deserves all of this." ""

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