Dee Dee Myers speaks at Saratoga Springs forum

"Women bring a different life experience into the room and lend a new perspective," she said.

They are also wired to think differently than men, though Myers warns against placing too much importance on biological matters.

So why don't women already rule?

A large part of the problem is that even when women are in positions of influence, they are often ignored.

"I think there is still a double standard in that women's accomplishments are judged as less significant than men's," said Myers.

She referred to orchestras, which were almost exclusively male until blind auditions (where applicants play from behind a screen) were lobbied for. The number of female musicians in orchestras that changed their auditioning process jumped significantly.

"We listen with our eyes as well as our ears," said Myers, making mention of Hillary Clinton's recent run for the Democratic nomination. "You have to pay enough attention to your appearance to take it off the table."

Though such external biases play a major role in holding women back, there are also internal factors at work.

"We don't give ourselves enough credit," she said.

She talked about recent findings that women are seven times less likely to ask for more money at their first job interview, which can add to up to more than $1 million in earnings over the course of a career.

"You have to take credit for your own accomplishments," said Myers. "That's how you take the next step.

"We need to get away from accepting the male norm as the way things must be done. Men will always be better at being men than women. Women have to attach more value to the qualities they bring to the table."

Many audience members were eager to hear Myer's thoughts on the Clinton campaign, which was suspended Saturday, June 7. Although she noted the role of gender in the race, Myers felt that Clinton's primary failings were strategic. She ran a campaign based on experience in a year when change was the hot topic. Plus, Clinton expected to have the nomination wrapped up after Super Tuesday.

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