The legacy of Bob Bellizzi

After Bellizzi's death, his family and those he worked with him closely decided to keep the camp going along with the St. Rose baseball team, which he started with no baseball field and no uniforms.

"He had the idea that he was going to start a team and through a lot of hard work, sweat and adversity, he did that," says O'Connor. It seems that Bellizzi put a lot of sweat and hard work into everything he did, from starting his baseball team at St. Rose to starting his baseball camp in Delmar.

While a strong knowledge of the game of baseball and strong skills are necessary to play on the St. Rose team, anyone can participate in the camp.

"Even for the kids who weren't so much the baseball type, they went there because their friends were going and they knew they could have a good time," says O'Connor.

"Coach Bellizzi was such a big figure and had such a big name, (parents) often sent their kids there as more of a summer camp experience. It was a good time and it was a fun time. I wish I had the time to do it now," says O'Connnor.

Above all, Kim Bellizzi emphasized that the camp is a positive and nurturing experience for the campers"just as all of Bellizzi's efforts were for his students and players.

For information on Bob Bellizzi's Grand Slam Baseball Camp, call 439-0695. There's no deadline for signing up and the camp is co-ed. Sessions run from Monday, July 7 through Sunday, Aug. 10 for players ages 6 through 15, and the cost is $225 per week. ""

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