David Weiss challenges Neil Breslin

David Weiss is energized about his campaign against incumbent Neil Breslin for the state Senate's 46th District seat.

As the president of New York Farmers' Wind Power, LLC, a community-owned renewable energy development company, Weiss said he is running because the district needs real focus, not just soft, good intentions.

Running for his first public office, Weiss, who lives in rural Rensselaerville, said he plans to bring community activism to the state Capitol.

"As an elected public servant, I will take seriously my responsibility to educate the public and advocate for the common good," Weiss said. "As an activist, I understand that pressure from citizens is the needed impetus for real change, and that our most important mission is to get people involved."

Like his fellow Democratic challenger, Charlie Voelker of Delmar, Weiss said he would be a "full-time senator" and freely available to listen to the public, something Breslin, D-Delmar, denies has been an issue during his tenure.

Breslin said he works more than 100 hours a week during session and is "a small, part-time lawyer," and is always accessible to his constituents.

Running his campaign on energy and jobs, health care, education, reform, and the Rockefeller Drug Laws, Weiss said he hasn't met much resistance running against the six-term senator and member of the influential Albany County Breslin family.

"I've only come across four people who wouldn't sign my petition," Weiss said. "Some of his closest friends have signed it and said he's been there long enough, and it's time for someone gave him a run for his money."

And Weiss is just as committed to his campaign as he is about creating affordable energy solutions that will create localized jobs.

"I am doing this to win," he said. "I wouldn't be putting my family through this if I didn't think I could win this thing."

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