Park, sidewalk upkeep top issues in Scotia

One of the things Kris Kastberg promised residents when he ran for mayor of Scotia two years ago was to work to maintain the charm of the village. Between backing a registry to monitor absentee property owners, establishing a fund to help downtown businesses stay structurally sound and making plans to spruce up the park, Kastberg is aiming to stick to his word.

At the Wednesday, March 12, meeting, the Board of Trustees discussed how the village could continue to encourage homeowners to keep their sidewalks in good condition for cosmetic and safety reasons.

A number of village homeowners are having trouble with tree roots that are digging under the sidewalks and popping through the cement. The board is discussing a program that would help homeowners with the cost of fixing those problems, up to $1,500, or $10 per foot of sidewalk.

We are looking into how we can help alleviate the cost of tree removal for homeowners as well, if the trees are part of their sidewalk problem, said Kastberg.

The village does have a sidewalk-paving subsidy program in place that provides some reimbursement to homeowners. Residents can fill out an application at the village hall, which provides standards for the homeowner or contractor to follow.

"Sidewalks are the veins of the community and are used by everyone. It's imperative that they remain in good shape," said Trustee Armon Benny.

Kastberg said the Board is also looking to make some improvements this summer to Collins Park. A new slide in the Kiwanis Park was approved last week.

"The park is the jewel of the village, and it's a priority for our residents to keep up on it. We have a park fund we can look into for certain needs, but we know that our community takes a lot of pride in the park and usually supports needed improvements," said Kastberg.""

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