Public gets say on Delmar \high-end condo deal

Bolduc told residents that he would like to begin in May, but Mathusa said it will likely take longer.

"While there's interest to move ahead, I want to make sure that some of the details are worked out," Mathusa said. "Like the old saying goes, 'the devil is in the details.'"

Bolduc does not actually own the property yet, he said, saying that a deal is in place with Robert Verstandig, the florist shop's owner and operator. Bolduc said that the property would be sold to him pending planning board approved.

Verstandig's is currently still open, but a move could be quick, pending approval, said both Bolduc and Verstandig.

Aside from water concerns from a number of neighbors, traffic issues also came up several times.

The plans showed that the project would produce roughly 21 cars per hour, but project engineers said that Verstandig's currently has 33 cars per hour. Many residents said they were skeptical of the numbers and asked for a traffic study.

Mathusa said after the meeting that he would like to see more details on traffic, lighting and landscaping plans.

"If you try to back your vehicle out on Delaware Avenue at 7 a.m., you need God's help," said Mary Rodgers. "I think it's deceptive to use that information," she said of the car-per-hour estimates.

She asked for a traffic study, as did other residents.

"I'd also like to request that instead of using the same color styles that they use colors that complement the sidings," said Bob Marriot of Delaware Avenue. "It's going to look like a bunch of college dormitories."

Aside from water and traffic concerns and a few aesthetic comments, no residents spoke out against the proposal itself at the meeting.

Bolduc said he appreciated the town's input and wants to move forward his project and incorporate what he heard from the residents.

"We're trying to do our best here. These are high-end units and we will build these the best that we know how," Bolduc said. "This is the project of my life, and I want to do it right."

Mathusa said the board would now work with the county on the plans, but said he expected that approval would take a few weeks longer than Bolduc's anticipated May starting date.""

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