Reflections on the water: With discovery of Szostak body, man finds his life intersecting with one that ended in tragedy

Josh's last stop on Dec. 23 was the Bayou CafE in downtown Albany.

As the night was coming to an end, Josh's friends couldn't find him when it was time to leave.

A few days later, when Josh's parents, Bill and Marybeth, reported their son missing, Josh could only be seen alive, for the very last time, through the lens of a surveillance camera, which recorded him walking, alone, at the corner of North Pearl and State streets, around midnight.

Growing up with two younger sisters, Beth and Christina, Josh became familiar with being looked up to. At 10 years old, he became the president and CEO of a company called Jin Inc., and later, in his college years, became a radio personality known as "The Stag" for the college radio station, 93.9 FM WQKE, The Quake.

Joshua Szostak was not just any name. People knew who he was.

Slowly putting through the mountain range on that surprisingly warm spring afternoon, Anthony Garafolo noticed a large object in the water.

"I thought it might be the log or something, as I got closer I looked at it and it didn't really look like a log, so I circled it," said Anthony. "I wanted to kind of be sure that it wasn't a mannequin or some kind of dummy."

But on his second trip around the object, Anthony knew it was not a log. It was not a mannequin. It was not a dummy.

The object peacefully floating aside Anthony's boat was the body of Joshua Szostak.

After calling the police, Anthony sat in his boat and waited. He used his time to reflect upon his family and the family of the boy who lay lifeless before him.

"I reflected that this was somebody's loved one, and that I was going to stay with him until help came," said Anthony. "I just felt that the right thing to do was to stay with him until the proper help came. He was fully intact and dressed, but I was sure there was no hope."

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