Bright Horizons creates a virtual link into their facility

When the man returns home to his wife, however, he sits in his chair, lethargic, without speaking much at all.

Neary and Szesnat said this type of behavior begins to concern the caregivers, leading them to believe the seniors act the same way at the program and are not making the best of their lives. But now, families will be able to see what the seniors are doing during the day.

Zumbo was in disbelief when she called Bright Horizons and was told her mother was playing cards.

"My mother never plays cards!" she said.

Zumbo said another element of the new technology is the conversations it brings on.

"They don't usually remember at the end of the day what they did. My mother doesn't play cards, and she was playing cards," said Zumbo. "I said, 'Mom, I saw you were playing cards today.' She said she had a great time."

The new technology of the Bright Horizons program is two-fold: One part lets caregivers view their loved ones through the cameras in all three rooms. The other allows the caregiver to actually sit down and talk to the senior while looking at them through Web cam using the computer-telephone communication program Skype.

The program works much like a telephone. The difference is that if both parties have Web cams, they can actually see the person as they talk.

Zumbo said she has not yet used this part of the program, but she plans to in the near future.

Lynn Otty, a program assistant at Bright Horizons, said she is impressed with the technology Bright Horizons has implemented, and she wishes she were able to watch her own parents in the same way.

"It would be wonderful just to be able to see my parents," said Otty. "You always want to know how your loved ones are taken care of."

Szesnat said Bright Horizons has already received much positive feedback about the program. According to Neary, the main goal is to have everyone comfortable with the program.""

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