Poetry in motion: Guerilla' movement sprinkles words of wisdom

After selecting a poem for publication, an administrator designs and prints the poem on a broadside using an antique 1914 Chandler Price letterpress.

Then the printed poems are mailed to poets and members of the GPP, who go into bookstores and libraries and smuggle the broadsides into books.

The object is for an unsuspecting reader to find the broadside and then, after reading the instructions on the back of the card, register the poem online.

The folks at the GPP also hope that poem-finders will become interested and join their community of poets.

When registering the broadside found in Borders, the reporter found that a number of other poems had been registered in the Capital District.

According to an interactive map that charts found poems, several other broadsides have been found locally.

A broadside was found in Jean Paul Sartre's "Nausea" in the Albany Public Library and other poems have been found in books by Kerouac at Borders in Saratoga.

An administrator for the GPP said that several of their distributors live in the Capital District.

Albany man employs

"poetic terrorism"

Dan Wilcox, an Albany poet, said he may well have been the distributor that hid Barker's poem inside the pages of Miller's work.

"I sort of just stuff the broadsides in the books," said Wilcox. "I don't always look at the titles."

Wilcox is what the administrators at the Guerilla Poetics Project call an "operative."

About a year ago, Wilcox said he found out about the project from a friend.

He paid a $25 fee to join, and now he's periodically sent a package of broadsides. He gets to keep a special "operatives copy" of each poem and then disperses the rest, hiding them in libraries or bookstores around the region.

He said GPP has certain target books, especially authors favored by the hipster set, like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski.

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