Tree trimming concerns Colonie neighbors

Tree trimming by utility companies has been a fact of neighborhood life for decades, and over the years, homeowners have been mostly impartial when National Grid comes to inspect the trees that might be growing dangerously close to power lines. But this year, some Colonie homeowners are concerned that National Grid is coming dangerously close to destroying the trees and wildlife that make their homes beautiful.

Maria Sciotti, who lives near Sandcreek Road, said, This year they've cleared out a real lot, to the point where they're getting into the wetlands, and it may be affecting the wildlife.

Sciotti said the wetlands are not far from her house, and it is a habitat that many animals call home. Her concern is that National Grid will damage them to the point where animals will either die off or find a new home " taking the pleasure of having the nearby habitat away from her and other neighbors.

Sciotti said she has compiled a list of neighbors who shared her tree-cutting concerns.

"We just think it should be heard that some people are concerned with how much [National Grid] is cutting down," said Sciotti.

Patrick Stella, spokesperson for National Grid, said the utility company tries its best to be careful when trimming the trees and they are aware of these concerns of homeowners.

"We take the trimming very seriously and we try to maintain what's healthiest for the tree, what's aesthetically pleasing and most importantly what's safe," he said.

Stella said the cutting of trees is part of a five-to-seven-year cycle National Grid does to inspect the lines.

"Our specifications are to have a 10-foot clearance from the top of the poles," he said.

Sciotti's neighbor Walter Unverhau, 82, of Colonie, shares her concerns.

Of particular concern to Unverhau are the spruce trees being cut.

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