Dems for 21st hold debate

"I'm sure all of you in here are familiar with Al Gore's movie," he said, referring to the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." "It actually drew a tear to my eye watching that movie."

Steck later said, "I, too, was impressed by Al Gore's movie, but in the end, I was left very hollow."

While many candidates acknowledged that America does have a global warming crisis at hand, Freeman argued, "This is not No. 1 on our plate," a spot, he said, belonged to low-income families.

"This is a sophisticated issue," he said. "It doesn't mean much to the poor families."

Prior to that question, the candidates were asked if they would consider using nuclear energy.

Welser said he is not 100 percent in favor of using nuclear energy, but that he would "definitely be in favor of looking at nuclear power as an alternative."

Aretakis said he would not be in favor of nuclear energy because it "causes harm to babies."

The issue of campaign finance reform also brought forth a variety of answers.

Aretakis said he would not approve such legislation considering how much his family has already given him toward his campaign " nearly $300,000. Tonko said he agreed with campaign finance reform and that lawmakers shouldn't "allow our government to get away from the masses."

The debate lasted more than two hours, during which the candidates assured the crowd that this would not be the last debate of the 21st Congressional District.""

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