High school broadcast goes live

"Forty-five seconds," L'Hom-medieu said. To the girls: "Deep breath out there. Don't lose your smiles."

The lights dimmed, and little more could be heard than L'Hommedieu's loafer's pacing on the floor.

"All right, let's roll everybody" L'Hommedieu said. "Let's cut to the opening video. 3 " 2 " 1 play, please."

At 9 p.m. exactly, technology instructor Jim Nair started the music and then faded to the girls.

In the auditorium down the hall, Holgate and Bryfonski appeared live on a big screen before the school board and residents who watched the girls report the passage of the budget and both propositions as well as the re-election of Piro, Pfitzer and Palumbo.

"This is the beginning," said Superintendent White. "It's symbolic. We want our students to take control of their learning."

Following the broadcast, Holgate and Bryfonski said the production was a lot more rocky than they'd expected, referring to a 10-minute segment in which they'd had to ad lib while awaiting the vote count from Division School, which was delayed. Because the broadcast was the first ever for the school, both anchors said they had anticipated some problems.

Holgate, who will attend SUNY Geneseo, and Bryfonski, who will attend Boston University, in the fall, said the only regret they had was that the broadcasting program began just as they are preparing to graduate.

Along with L'Hommedieu, they hoped Tuesday's broadcast would be the first of many.

"This was not an informative broadcast but an historical one," said Holgate.

"It's a great addition to our high school that opens up a world of possibilities," added Bryfonski.""

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