Blue Creek students tune up

The album being put together is called "Shine Your Light," said Carlson, based on a song by the sixth grade.

"The message of the song is that your light will shine much brighter when it shines on another," said Carlson.

Chaevalier said that this song, in particular, showed him how the children really understood the meaning of the music and the proper tune for the lyrics.

"At first they were kind of stuck in what's cool. They wanted to do rap," said Chaevalier, "They really ended up picking same kind of music that I would have for the song."

The kids in all grades learned to match the type of music with the lyrics of the song they were singing. According to 10-year-old Kristian Quackenbush, of Latham, who is in the fifth grade, his grade was singing blues music to their song "The Dishonesty Blues."

"It's about a kid who kept being dishonest," said Quackenbush. "When you're dishonest, you feel very guilty."

Duncan Satterlee, 9, of South Colonie, said his grade, the third grade, wrote a rock 'n' roll song about responsibility.

"Well, it's mostly alternative music," he said.

After the students finalized the lyrics of their songs, Chaevalier would go home and play the guitar and drums to make the musical composition that goes with the song.

"I see [the students] a bunch of times and we mold their song and then I come home and I have a studio here in my house and I record the music," he said. "I play the bass, a couple different guitar parts and I sing the background music. They put their voices on to what they've heard me record, which is the song that we've wrote together, and then they have a finished product they get to hear."

In the making of the CD, Chaevalier met with the students 12 times this semester.

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