Hudson Avenue development proposed in Delmar

A water retention area is proposed in the back of the lots, with all of the roof and blacktop runoff pitched to have storm water flow into the retention area, Dethomasis explained. A berm was originally in Dethomasis' plans for the back of the property so that fill would not have to be removed from the property and instead could be deposited to help screen the buildings.

Town planners asked Dethomasis to remove the berm, and he complied. Board member Nicholas A. Behuniak asked why an underground catch basin couldn't be built.

Dethomasis explained that 600 feet of 18-inch pipe and 480 linear feet of 24-inch pipe would have to be installed to make the system work, saying, "It would be prohibitively costly to do this for such a small project."

"So your argument is not that you can't do it?" Behuniak asked. "Your argument is that you don't want to do it."

"Yes," Dethomasis replied.

Town planners agreed with Dethomasis and told board members that the water retention area already on the property is adequate and that the catch basin system described was an expensive system.

Board members also asked the applicants about the size of the apartment buildings compared to the surrounding area.

"There's no question that these buildings are larger than the surrounding ones," Dethomasis said. "These buildings are larger than anything around it."

His plans also show undeveloped space next to a building for possible future expansion.

"We did leave ourselves some [room] to expand in case we find another tenant," said Dethomasis.

There will be Indian Magic Crab Apple trees and Norway Spruce left on the property to be incorporated into the finalized landscaping plan. Planning Board Chairman Parker Mathusa asked the applicants if they could add more landscaping buffers on the site plan to alleviate the glare from vehicle headlights.

Dethomasis said he would be happy to work with the planning department on the landscaping plans and would incorporate new suggestions. Town planners said they were pleased with the single driveway concept and that Dethomasis has been very cooperative in the planning phase of his proposal.

"It's a nice design," said board member Katherine McCarthy. "It will fit in well on the street.""

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