Bethlehem GOP chair and member deny bigotry allegations

Republican Jared King says he's out of the town's party after he became dissatisfied with its leadership and an anonymous tipster aired the party's dirty laundry in public.

Former town supervisor candidate, Victor Rodriquez, 23, came forward as the tipster recently after he forwarded to Spotlight Newspapers a series of e-mails between King and various other Republican Committee members.

Bethlehem Republican Chairwoman Melody Burns said King didn't take losing his Albany County Legislative last year well and took losing to her for party chairmanship just as bad.

"I think he was a little stung after losing to Tom Cotrofeld," Burns said of King. "I guess it's just sour grapes."

King said his party didn't support him; Burns said he just didn't run an aggressive campaign.

"He just handed out these little magnets, that was his whole campaign," Burns said. "You've got to spend money and he wouldn't put up signs. .I think that hurt him."

King disagreed with the analysis and said he didn't want to "air out the party's dirty laundry in the press" but wanted to set the record straight.

"I had no support from the party in my race for the county legislature," he said.

Problems began after a committee vote in September to elect officers in which King and Republican Mitch Goldstein ran as officers and lost. A weighted vote was not used and Burns called a new vote.

However, the new vote was scheduled on Yom Kippur, something which King took issue with.

"There were short notices and postponements it started to become apparent they were playing games," King said of committee elections and meetings. "She scheduled it on Yom Kippur and we were the only two Jews on the committee."

King said he just assumed Burns didn't know when Yom Kippur was, but that when it was brought to her attention that she didn't move the meeting.

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