Bethlehem GOP chair and member deny bigotry allegations

"We have to respect people's religious beliefs," King said. "Some could argue she's anti-Semitic."

Burns denied the charges.

"The only person who said anything about the date [Oct. 9] was Mitch

Goldstein," Burns said. "I understand that Yom Kippur ends on sundown, so I didn't think there was a problem " and everyone was able to send proxies."

Burns said neither Goldstein nor King attended the meeting or sent in a proxy, which is a type of absentee vote.

On the flip side, former Republican committeeman Norman Morand, who also recently resigned, implied that Goldstein and King might have a problem with Burns besides her leadership.

"I don't think they like the fact there's a woman in charge," Morand said about King and Goldstein, "but she works hard and she deserves to be there."

When King was asked if he had a problem with a chairwoman running the party, he responded, "God, no."

"On the contrary, I actually like women as a candidate, they bring a softer side that's appealing to potential voters," King said.

King said he wasn't trying to take over the committee, but that he was only bringing in new members.

"When you have a rotten culture like we do there, you have to start fresh," King said. "It wasn't some kind of coup, it was just trying to recruit new people."

King said Burns knew what he was doing.

"I suspect Melody knew I was recruiting people," King said. "She wasn't recruiting people because frankly she doesn't inspire anyone."

King reached out for support from Morand, only to find he had retired.

"Hi Jared, I resigned as the 6th committee man on [Sept. 22]. I no longer want to be involved," Morand wrote in an e-mail response to King. "The committee is very small and if the Republican Party is ever to be successful in local politics everyone must work together. I suggest that if you and Mitch [Goldstein] can't work within the current organization, you both should resign for the better of the party,"

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