Liz Kormos' lawyer: Charges are inadequate

With the initial hearing for New Scotland advisory committee member Liz Kormos postponed indefinitely, her counsel is seeking to have the charges dropped for a number of reasons.

Kormos, a member of the Commercial Zone Advisory Committee, has been accused by Committee Chairwoman Roz Robinson of having a conflict of interest regarding her relationship with a potential buyer of the Bender melon farm, a key piece of property inside the commercial zone.

That developer was later outbid by Sphere Development LLC, who is planning to develop the farm with a 137,000-square-foot anchor store, pending the approval of zoning laws recommended by the committee and approved by the Town Board.

Kormos also is a member of advocacy group New Scotlanders for Sound Economic Development, which supports a 50,000-square-foot size cap on commercial retail stores.

Town Attorney Mike Mackey said town officials could remove Kormos without a hearing, since she is a political appointee, but she would still have the right to an ethics hearing.

In a letter dated Monday, Oct. 27, Kormos' attorney, Peter Lauricella, laid out his complaints with the proceedings thus far.

I must respectfully disagree that the statement prepared by Ms. Robinson and the documents forwarded to me constitute a 'complaint.' We continue to believe the 'complaint' is defective, as Ms. Kormos still has not been notified what law she potentially has violated, he wrote.

Lauricella said that anytime a person is charged with violating a law that carries a penalty or punitive action, that person must receive a written notice of the specific charge in question.

He likened it to a traffic ticket issued to a driver speeding or running a stop sign. He said the officer hands you an "information," more commonly know as a ticket, that specifies which traffic law you are being charged with violating. He said the general claim that Kormos violated ethics law is inadequate.

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