Students launch pumpkins as part of physics project

"It's not good or bad," Howson said, in reflection of how his pumpkin, and catapult did. If he could do it all over again, Howson said he would make sure that the spring he used was fully loaded and closer to the ground.

Another student in the seventh-period class, Matt Dustin, 16, of Latham, said his spring was too strong, and caused the pumpkin to shatter once it hit the ground. Dustin's pumpkin was 4.8 pounds and traveled 15 meters before smashing on the ground.

Dustin said he was also hoping to gain creativity points by painting his entire pumpkin black, and because he thought it was part of the requirements.

"I painted it because they told us to," he said.

If he could do it all over again, Dustin said, he would work on devising a better plan for the pumpkin's success.

The pumpkin launching was done in all seven periods of the physics class. Throughout the chilly autumn day, more than 60 pumpkins were launched, most of which ended as a pile of smeared orange insides and seeds spread all over the athletic field. But for the few that did not, an interesting lesson in physics ensued.""

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