Linkage study puts long-term plan in place

With most of the funding and execution regarding the inter-municipal Route 20 corridor project a good deal of time away, officials say that having a long-term plan in place will help secure funding and set both towns in the right direction.

The towns of Guilderland and Princetown have prepared a plan to guide development of a 4-mile stretch of Route 20 between Route 158 and Duanesburg, which made recommendations for land use and transportation upgrades, according to information provided by the towns. The plan is part of a linkage study conducted by the Capital District Transportation Committee.

A public meeting on Thursday, Oct. 30, at Princetown Town Hall featured a presentation of the recommendations.

John Behan, of Behan Planning Associates, said the meeting yielded a lot of success. Behan has been hired as a consultant for the project, and he emphasized the importance of mutually beneficial agreements between localities.

The towns can help reinforce the others' goals, he said.

He said Princetown is primarily looking to develop its end of the corridor commercially, while Guilderland is hoping to receive water from Princetown. The deal could result in revenue generated from Princetown's water supply, as well as the ability for Guilderland to more easily develop its end, since it does not have access to water from within the town.

"A policy point of view has been reached," Behan said. "That is an important step."

He also said safety enhancements for the roads are a priority in the area. The state Department of Transportation and the CDTC have made recommendations to perform highway and traffic safety improvements that could help consolidate and organize driveways and parking lots, be a positive step for real estate values and create "less of a chance for cars coming out onto the highway at the same time."

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