Nisky voters pin press box defeat on high taxes

But Feldman said he voted down the bus proposition because he is confident that since it is a safety issue, the district will come up with the means to pay for the buses no matter what.

"If those buses would have been voted down, we wouldn't have been taking buses away from the kids, there would have needed to be sacrifices made in their budget," he said.

Feldman also said he had little concern with the construction of the press box, but voted against it because it is a small percentage of the taxpayer population that is actually concerned with athletic events, and that he felt the taxpayers who do not have children involved in athletics should not have had their money set aside last year for the project when it could be used for other things that affect all students.

"Truthfully, I don't think a press tower has anything to do with the education with the kids," he said.

When asked whether he plans to vote against the upcoming budget, in May, because of his displeasure with the school taxes, Feldman said he plans to vote fairly based on the budget itself. "I'm going to vote based upon: is it an accurate budget? Are there items in there that shouldn't be there?" he said.

He said he is sure some of the other Niskayuna residents will vote against the budget, no matter what, because of their tax bills.

That is one fear of Ryan's, though he said the board is working diligently to come up with a budget that reflects savings in every area possible and a tax increase that will be reasonable for all taxpayers within the district.


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