A bit of the beach: Airline imports sand to promote flights to Fort Lauderdale

"I called them up, and they said, 'We have a beach erosion problem and we can't give you the sand,'" he said.

Myers had already told the media about the display and promised passengers that they would be able to feel real sand from Fort Lauderdale Beach. In a bind to get Fort Lauderdale sand, Myers called City of Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle and struck a deal.

"We sent some sand up to Albany on the promise that it would be returned," said Naugle.

Naugle said that while there is a beach erosion problem in the county, for every beach that erodes there is another beach that gains more sand.

Fortunately, he said, Fort Lauderdale Beach had some sand to spare.

So, the sand was shipped to the airport and borrowed by Myers for a display that highlighted the airline and included a large-scale photo of the beach.

The display was up for 10 days, allowing everyone who passed it to get a feel for Fort Lauderdale beach.

Now that the display has been taken down, the sand has been packed up to be shipped back to the beach it came from.

"I hope they're not going to weigh it, because some of it did spill out from the display," said Myers. "We may be a pound short, but we will replace that with sand, if we have to, from the Million Dollar Beach in Lake George."

Naugle said jokingly that he will be looking for every grain of sand to be returned, and that he plans to personally dump the sand back on the beach himself.

While Myers did not know what type of sales the display has generated, he is confident the flight to Fort Lauderdale will do well, as is Naugle, who is excited for Albany residents to experience the whole picture.""

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