Malta fire corps brace for growth

That includes annual drills with departments in Germany. AMD will be sitting down with emergency responders in Malta in the near future to go over details, as well.

There has been only one call to local agencies in Germany for fire, according to Groseclose, and that was during construction.

Saratoga County has a hazardous materials truck based out of the Saratoga Springs West Side Fire Station, and about 40 volunteers are trained for hazmat response, according to Saratoga County Fire Coordinator Ed Tremblay.

"We have specialized equipment to get into areas the firefighters might not be able to get into with their equipment," he said. While Saratoga Springs is 20 or 30 minutes away, dealing with a toxic spill can be a slow, careful process.

"Hazmat response is not a fast thing," said Tremblay. "There's a lot to think about before entry."

In the event of a major emergency, local firefighters would be on the scene until the county hazmat team arrived.

"It's that first 15, 20 minutes the local departments have to deal with," said Sievers. "Our belief is that there is some specialized equipment that is going to be required, and it's not cheap equipment."

Fab 4X will be home to advanced gas monitoring devices and fire suppression systems. Nastier chemicals will be housed in multi-layered containers.

"These systems are really designed to contain the toxic materials," said Groseclose.

Even if they never fight fires at the Luther Forest Technology Campus, both fire departments will probably see more buildings popping up in their districts as an estimated 6,500 jobs come to the area. In the downtown area of Malta, construction is already under way at developments like Ellsworth Commons and Park Place, two projects with dozens of dwellings and around 185,000 square feet of combined retail space.

Malta Ridge's Station 2 is in the downtown area.

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