CZAC members step down; trust issues cited

Robinson described the Wednesday, Nov. 12, meeting of the New Scotland Town Board as exhibiting "chaos, name calling and bullying," and said she was surprised Dolin allowed it to proceed. She said the atmosphere created by NS4SED instills some fear in opponents to a 50,000 square-foot retail size cap.

"[NS4SED] was throwing a tantrum. They should have been reigned in," she said.

Robinson said that CZAC had completed about 80 percent of its work, with the help of Mike Welti, a planner with Behan Planning Associates, the private planning firm contracted to assist in the zoning changes.

Robinson added that she is "saddened" by how the situation turned out and said the committee did a lot of good work.

Elliot cited "political posturing," deception and financial interests as tainting the process, in her written resignation to the Town Board.

"As I sat, listened and endured the last Town Board meeting it became painfully clear that the committee's ability to function, let alone go forward had been forever fractured," she wrote. "It would be my opinion that the conflict of interest as presented is a blatantly clear one. The Town Board's inability to recognize that and then its failure to address it speaks volumes about the overall leadership."

Greg Widrick, a managing partner at Sphere, said it has not changed its plans in light of the recent developments.

"We're committed and we're here to the end," he said.

He added that he is also concerned with the information Kormos was giving CZAC because it was the same information she was providing to Mark Shafer, a potential bidder on the Bender melon farm and Kormos' business associate, as his consultant. He said Kormos also had the responsibility to disclose her potential agreement to be a "minority" partner in the ownership if Schafer won the bid.

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