Glenmont 'green' house on display

Republican candidate James Buhrmaster, CEO of Buhrmaster Energy Group, toured the home next after having a brief strategy talk with Bethlehem Republican chairwoman Melody Burns.

Grieco gave both candidates separate tours, along with members of the media and the public, and explained his home's energy-saving features

Grieco said he was inspired to make changes to his home by former Vice President Al Gore's global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." He decided to begin acting on his own instead of waiting for change on the national level.

"It was the 'Inconvenient Truth' that put me over the edge," he said. "Look at a map, we have just as many solar hours as some parts of Florida."

Tonko said he was impressed by Grieco's use of alternative energy sources.

"Government should encourage energy policy that's beneficial like this," Tonko said. "If it weren't for inspirations like this, we would be even further behind."

Buhrmaster said he was equally impressed with Grieco's home.

"Energy prices have gone through the roof, and now all of a sudden we should probably be in the $70 or $75 range, but we've got almost to $150 and that's just wrong," Buhrmaster said. "Each homeowner has to do what they can, but you've gone above and beyond, and I think that's just fantastic."

The open house held at Grieco's home was part of an initiative by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association to invite politicians and candidates to tour "green buildings."

"With fuel costs on the rise, the opportunity to talk one on one with building and homeowners about ways they have reduced their fuel consumption is invaluable," said NESEA Executive Director David Barclay. "We invited all political candidates to come to the Green Buildings Open House to see how their constituents are saving money on energy costs and how clean renewable energy is being used in their communities today."

Tonko and Buhrmaster have laid out energy plans as major parts of their campaigns.

Tonko's can be found on the Internet at www.paultonkoforcongress2008.com, and Buhrmaster's can be found at www.jimbuhrmaster.com.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.""

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