21st Congressional candidates debate at Albany Law School

Roney asked the candidates what they would do to strengthen the local economy if they were elected.

Buhrmaster, who proclaimed himself a business man, said he would work to change spending habits in the district and try and bring new businesses in by creating energy costs a business would be able to deal with, as well as taxes they would be able to afford. He also said that it is important not only to bring new business in, but to make sure they can survive here.

Taking a somewhat different route, Tonko said he would work on greening up the agriculture and work towards an "innovation economy," as well as taking preventative measures to make sure the financial crisis on Wall Street never happens again.

When Roney asked the candidates whether they support off-shore drilling, the answers between them were somewhat different.

Buhrmaster first gave a laundry list of things the country can do to ensure we have the resources to keep going. The list included doing renewables, going back and looking at nuclears, and drilling.

Tonko began by stating, "I would suggest that drilling be left as a lower priority." He talked about how he has experience through his past position, as president of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, doing clean coal demonstrations.

Next, Roney asked Buhrmaster and Tonko whether global warming was all natural, or all man-made.

In a round about way, Tonko answered that the majority of global warming is due to human-created pollution, while Buhrmaster answered that it is being caused by both.

Next, the topic switched to universal health care.

Buhrmaster said he does not believe universal health care is a good choice for the country, specifically in the 21st district, because he believes it would result in the loss of between 6,000 and 7,000 jobs of those who work for large Capital District health coverage companies.

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