Town bans banners

The Bethlehem Town Board unanimously voted Wednesday, Oct. 8, to amend the language to the town's zoning law and subdivision regulations, and made some key changes and amendments to amateur radio communication tower regulations.

Also included in the vote was the prohibition of all temporary advertising banners in town.

As part of the town's comprehensive plan, it is now standard procedure to revisit the code every few years. This is the first time the code has been revisited since the town adopted its comprehensive plan in August 2005, according to Supervisor Jack Cunningham.

Cunningham said he has received no written or verbal comments on the matter during the September public hearing on the proposed changes.

Democratic Councilman Mark Hennessey said he, too, has received no feedback over the matter.

I have not heard anything, pro or con, on this, Hennessey said. "I think it is one of the many changes that will have positive effects on the community."

The adopted code amendment for banners reads, "temporary advertising banners shall be prohibited."

Assistant director of economic development and planning, Michael Morelli, said that temporary advertising banners are already illegal under the town code and that the change is only "clarifying the language of the code."

Morelli said sandwich signs, window signs and signs giving notice of special events, such as conventions, will still be allowed under the code, as well as several other exemptions.

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce President Marty DeLaney said the Chamber was working with the town to educate business owners and residents of the changes.

"We're trying to get the word to businesses, alongside with town government to educate people how this will affect them," DeLaney said. "That's the role of the Chamber, to educate people."

Bethlehem's Republican Chairwoman Melody Burns, who is also an active businesswoman the town, said she was aware of the updated code.

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