Writer finds the joke's on her

I was to become a light Auguste clown.

Seeing as I had never done my makeup as a clown before, though I'm sure my co-workers who see me in the morning would argue otherwise, Kleinberger helped me with the white paint around my eyes. Next he asked me if I always wanted a dimple, and said that today was my lucky day to get one. He let me draw a small black dimple in the center of my chin.

Next, since I have a large bottom lip, the only thing I got from my father, Kleinberger said it would be easy to make my mouth into a clown mouth by adding a little red. So, I drew it on myself. We added a little rouge to my cheeks to accentuate my smile.

Within minutes, I was ready for the final touch -- the nose. As Kleinberger explained, the nose is one of the most important features on a clown's face, and that it is important that a clown makes his or her nose exactly the way they think will represent their clown personality the most. I decided to go with a nice round red spot, covering the tip of my nose.

After my makeup was finished and the Kleinbergers took my photo, proud of what they had made me into, I had one final task before becoming an official clown. I had to make people laugh.

So, I packed up all my balloon-puppies and pirate swords, pat some makeup sealer on my face, and for the first time that day, went into the office.

I got a range of reactions from my office-mates: Those in the advertising department said, "Have you looked in the mirror today?" John McIntyre, the vice president of Spotlight Newspapers, said, "What did you do!?"

But once I got to the editorial department, I was greeted with laughter, smiles and a few flashing cameras.

So that was the day I became a clown. But the joke's not over. On my refrigerator, I keep the photo that the Kleinbergers took, making my roommates laugh every morning when they go to make their breakfast.


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